Her effortlessly cool masculine style and modelesque appearance are quite hard to ignore; meet Berta Bernad, London-based blogger and proud owner of the namesake fashion blog, where she documents her personal style, strolls around London and appreciation for vintage treasures and emerging fashion talent. We caught up with her to discuss her personal style, the future of fashion blogging and her views on the fashion industry.

I actually never thought of it. I studied journalism and I knew I wanted to do something to express myself. I did not know what that was exactly, when I started. I think you should just do what you feel comfortable with and life will show the way. Trying is the best thing to realize, if not what you would like to do, what you wouldn’t like to do.

I have just started working for a jewelry brand called Aristocrazy. This makes me very happy, because it allows me time for my blog, which is a little part of me. I would never want to loose it. Maybe today is more about me, maybe one day will be more about other people, but at least I have something that is mine; something I’ve created myself and I’m very proud of it.

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