The Secret?

For the ones that think this VS slogan is “The Perfect Body” – stop. The right slogan is The Perfect “Body”, referring to the VS Body bra ranges. If you’re going to criticise something, please (!), at least take the time to read it properly first. Some are even slamming the campaign without understanding it. I’m looking at you, Perez Hilton. Continue reading “The Secret?”

Fashion Rules

Her effortlessly cool masculine style and modelesque appearance are quite hard to ignore; meet Berta Bernad, London-based blogger and proud owner of the namesake fashion blog, where she documents her personal style, strolls around London and appreciation for vintage treasures and emerging fashion talent. We caught up with her to discuss her personal style, the future of fashion blogging and her views on the fashion industry. Continue reading “Fashion Rules”

Through the Lens

You might have seen his work while flicking through the pages of Jute or Kaltblut magazine; he might even have tried to snap your image while you are walking down the street. From portraits and editorial work to street-style images, Brooklyn-based photographer Fernando Paz has a richly varied portfolio of work. We caught up with Fernando to discuss his work and current projects, and what it feels like being a photographer in the City. Continue reading “Through the Lens”

Spotlight on Catherine

Balancing between classism and modern age, Catherine Litke is set out to create innovative yet timeless silhouettes that bring together simplicity and an edgy, futuristic twist. Today Litke has quickly begun to gain critical acclaim from the press, and has drawn great admiration from celebrities and high-profile editors. This is only inevitable, since her designs are an interpretation of her personal style — which is just as original — that she describes as “a very specific combination of a girl from Picnic at Hanging Rock and a French New Wave heroine.” Continue reading “Spotlight on Catherine”