You might have seen his work while flicking through the pages of Jute or Kaltblut magazine; he might even have tried to snap your image while you are walking down the street. From portraits and editorial work to street-style images, Brooklyn-based photographer Fernando Paz has a richly varied portfolio of work. We caught up with Fernando to discuss his work and current projects, and what it feels like being a photographer in the City.

I am Fernando Paz. I grew up in Mexico City and moved to New York eight years ago. I worked in advertising around 12 years, and continued my work as a creative director. I switched to photography full time pretty much a year ago, but I had been shooting for around four. I have always loved photography; I was unconsciously shooting all the time, since I liked memories to be documented. Pictures help me remember situations, sensations, smells and feelings, and that makes me happy.

I love the streets, and I try to shoot there as much as possible; random things happen all the time, every time — even right now; look to your right, and I am sure something is about to happen. I think I like to be surprised by the randomness. I love things that I do not know; I love creating stories in my head about the images I do. I opened this Instagram account to upload these images and add a caption based on the picture taken.

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